Everyone that is truly immersed in the world of marketing and new technology trends is contemplating what the new year has up its sleeve. In all likelihood, given that you are reading this – you are one of them. Let’s take a look at what the digital marketing world will be talking about in 2017.

1. Go mobile, but still keep an eye on PCs.

Supposedly, all eyes are currently focused on mobile-friendly designs, responsive websites, etc.

But wait. Many customers do not buy via their smartphone. Of course, some people rarely use PCs for purchasing either, but it is important to understand one important thing. There is no difference between “mobile people” and “desktop people”. To stay competitive, your company needs to offer an opportunity to convert via different devices.

It’s no secret that long-standing customers often surf on the internet via smartphone to learn about products prior to purchasing via desktop. There are many reasons for this; habit, accessibility, security concerns and a multitude of others.

Trying to interpret why customers behave in this way is a never-ending task, so it is easier and more cost efficient for a company to concentrate on providing a seamless experience across devices, enabling users to browse via mobile or their PC, resulting in a click on a “buy button” whenever they want.

2. Personalization is key

Personalization is the key to success for your business. More than half of buyers state that personalization is important in their purchase journey.

What exactly should be considered when creating a bespoke product or service? Sending random products via newsletters with the customer’s name at the top just doesn’t cut it these days. To deliver a real-time, deeply personal experience to your customers you must get to know them better.

Special discounts for existing customers, convincing future customers to share more personal information and convincing your target audience that you care about them are all imperative to driving sales and customer loyalty.

3. Transfer to 5G networks to create superb virtual reality journeys.

The tech market is nearing full saturation and only top-notch ideas give a competitive advantage. The leaders in the smartphone market know that 4G and LTE connections are cool but are concentrating in providing it in a better, faster, and easier way than their competitors: say hello to 5G.

5G can give a completely different experience via virtual reality. VR driven by 5G networks allows businesses to develop exclusive products and improved user experience. Video talks in UltraHD, 3D or Hologram quality? VR holidays? Trying on virtual products? Fantasy is swiftly becoming reality.

4. E-commerce is booming in Asia.

it’s probable that most people purchasing products from the Asian market has experienced longer waiting times for delivery due to extortionate shipping fees. Following shipping costs plunging over the past few years, Asia (particularly China) has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to e-Commerce. Selling worldwide is no longer complicated and inaccessible.

The Asian market jumped on the concept of tailored websites for different global customers, offering e-Commerce sites in different languages and with user friendly design. 2017 will continue to watch the Asian e-Commerce market grow due to the development of comparable quality products with US and European manufacturers, good price to quality ratio and buzz marketing driving customers to buy based on recommendations.

5. Artificial Intelligence chat bots are about to become an integral part of user experience.

Chat bots are cool, but only as cool as the information they provide. From a customer’s point of view, a chat bot is useful only if it offers something more than typing a question into a search feature.

Competitive advantage using artificial intelligence can only come about if you devise and develop your chat bot wisely. It needs to help your customer choose the product they need or instantly answer a question that is not in the FAQ. Get it right, and it will result in improved brand recognition and a stronger relationship with your customer.



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