Silesia is one of the regions in Poland where technology is in bloom. Coders Center has a delivery office in Gliwice, providing us with a great opportunity to visit an exciting tech event and give students the chance to talk about IT, ask questions, and even get to play some VR games!

The IT Academic Day took place on the 14th of December at the Silesian University of Technology. The Department of Technology were hosts to an extremely popular event, with students specializing in Information Technology and programming crowding in to take advantage of the information and expertize on offer from various IT companies, including Coders Center.

The most common question for Coders Center from students? Who we are and how do we do what we do, namely, what programming languages and technologies do we use to deliver results to our customers.

Benedykt Dryl, a front-end developer with Coders Center, shared his extensive knowledge with students about JavaScript, enabling them to gain a better understanding of how the language can be used within an operational setting, rather than purely academic.The event was fantastic and enabled both Coders Center and the students to learn new information, network and gain some great experience.

Watch our video from the event here: 



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