It’s a well-known fact that e-Commerce is a booming sector. All of the big names have been online for a while now, and smaller organizations are beginning to become more sophisticated in their multichannel sales – an area that previously only the largest organizations had a stranglehold on.

Not only are there clear cost savings to be made in having an e-Commerce site, but there is also the opportunity to “sell, sell, sell” even when your bricks and mortar shop is closed.

Today’s consumers want to try before they buy. An online store enables you to offer a wider range of products to potential customers, who can guide themselves through their shopping experience in a way that suits them. In fact, sooner or later, regular shops on high streets and in malls will serve just as showrooms and pickup stations, rather than places to actually purchase goods.

Personalization is all about guiding the customer through their shopping experience in the way THEY want to experience it, without even realizing that you are the one behind their purchasing activity.

Dedicated Deal

I know you know what personalization is. But did you know how far reaching it can be?

E-Commerce personalization isn’t just about sticking your customer’s name at the top of an email. Personalization encompasses dynamic content, customized deals, product recommendations, smart CTAs…the list goes on, and is growing ever bigger.

The ‘Big Boys’ are already on top of the topic; supermarkets with loyalty card and voucher schemes, Amazon with targeted recommendations, and reminder emails from luxury retail stores about abandoned shopping baskets, for example.

Personalization is steadily evolving to be able to realize what a customer wants or needs before they know what they want or need. In order to stay afloat in this ever-changing, fast-moving digital world, your business needs a powerful platform to help you stay close to your customers.

Keep your customers close

Competition is fierce. Personalization is critical to current and future success, according to 94percent of companies (Source: Econsultancy). Savvy businesses are already able to maximise their digital marketing success through the use of comprehensive solutions. Of course, there are things to consider before taking the plunge into bespoke personalization for your customers.

Firstly, even if you decide to use an all-in-one tool that can potentially help your business fly high, do you really have a plan of what happens next after the licence has been purchased? Companies often find that all of their personalization ducks are sat in a row waiting patiently whilst work begins on a digital platform. Timing is essential to ensure a smooth transition into comprehensive personalization.

Secondly, even if you, as a business leader, are ready for change, is the rest of your organization? Unfreezing organizational culture, then refreezing it post-change is a difficult process and if done wrong, can really upset the apple cart. If your people are used to a specific way of doing things, make sure there is a support system in place to help them through the change and ensure the platform you choose to use to engage customers also engages your employees. They need to know what they are doing and enjoy doing it, to guarantee a positive impact on your customers.

Providing the right content, to the right user, at the right time is essential in not only promoting customer retention, but also in driving higher conversion rates. Personalization leads to fewer abandoned baskets, increased engagement with, and loyalty to, your organization and a competitive advantage over businesses that send out generic information about sales and offers that are of no interest to consumers.

Less hassle than you think, just do it right!

Personalizing your e-shop offer doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Email targeting and smart call-to-actions can be set up easily using digital systems, as can purchase recommendations and customized offers.

It’s actually easier to use a range of different tools to optimize your digital marketing rather than rely on one that will do 80percent of the work for you. Believing it is possible is key – in fact, I can show you numerous Coders Center customers who are growing their digital expertise day by day.

Collaborating with the right digital agency and technical partner is the key in helping you personalize your offering for your customers – both the ones you have now and the ones that will walk through your online shop door in the future.

About the author Co-founder and CEO of Coders Center
Successful entrepreneur and business enthusiast. Gained MBA at The University of Business in Poland and Germany. Highly motivated promoter of ideas, fan of knowledge and experience sharing. Passionate about IT technology and standards. Digital disruption hunter. Digital Marketing practitioner with eCommerce focus.



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