Our team joined Sitecore Symposium 2016 in New Orleans. 

Read the story they share about the event. 

Lukasz Skowronski - As a Sitecore developer, I will share with you what I found most interesting from a  technical perspective.

In all honesty, I don't know where to start! Firstly, "Thank you Sitecore for the great event!". For three days we had a pleasure of learning more about Sitecore from all possible sides and from marketers to developers points of view.

Sitecore is going to the cloud - even if they don't say it out loud. 

Have you heard about xConnect? No? You will probably be hearing about it in the next few months and then you’ll never forget. It is API which will provide access to user data for third-party software or internal applications, meaning no more direct work on databases. 

Sitecore Commerce will become history.

Sitecore Commerce Server is a Sitecore extension for companies who provide a huge product offering online.  The current version of this tool is built on top of Microsoft Commerce Server, but this is actually a historical version. 

Sitecore has introduced a new tool which will replace the old one - "Sitecore Commerce vNext". vNext is built completely from scratch with cutting edge technologies and has the same user interface as other Sitecore extensions. We have seen it in action and are now waiting for the opportunity to test all new features.

Experience, Experience Everywhere.

No matter how you work with Sitecore, you will have noticed that the company is all about providing the best possible user experience. Because of this, xDB was frequently mentioned at the symposium and we also received additional xDB training, enabling us to learn how to extend xDB and use it on a big scale. 

Maciej Ossowski - What was cool?

This year’s Sitecore Symposium 2016 was held in the Big Easy, NOLA, La Nouvelle-Orléans (this is how the locals refer to their city), New Orleans. The city is located in a delta of the Mississippi and on the bank of the Mexican Gulf, with a latitude similar to Cairo’s, which makes it hot, humid, and full of fried shrimps, prawns and alligators.

Voodoo shops are another differential factor in the city. Sounds exotic? For pale European geeks, indeed it is. It’s hard to breathe, hard to walk on foot and sightseeing even after sunset is challenging.

Everything changes when you enter the symposium though. Due to the Americans’ “love for aircon”, your sweat freezes on your neck immediately, but that isn’t all.

You enter a place which is a Valhalla for Sitecore developers, marketers, and marketing managers. A holy land full of geeks just like you, people you’d like to learn from or exchange ideas with, and the ability to just shine like a star if you are lucky enough to be MVP already ;-)

 What did I get out of it?

For me personally, the most important aspect was meeting people of all professions related to this particular CMS, and learning about their needs, pains and workarounds for the challenges I am also facing. It was great getting different points of view on the same issues I have, but seen from the perspective of marketer, for example.

I met attendees from the US and APAC who faced the same problems as our customers in Europe. They complained about similar issues we had already met on previous projects. This was good, because sharing is caring as the slogan says.

Every time we share  and listen we make ourselves and our counterparty smarter, cleverer and faster. We do not waste our time in reinventing the wheel.

Next year we will be a few steps further on in our discussions and the problems we are facing now will seem trivial. That’s evolution I suppose.

 Last but not least, I got to meet the founders of Sitecore itself and show off a bit regarding what we have achieved within the 3 years that Coders Center has been in business, including the gold status we worked very hard for and the prizes we have been awarded. Bragging from time to time can be a good thing!



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