Recently, one of my colleagues mentioned that having your own IT team will benefit you the most.

Indeed, there are plenty of known challenges with outsourcing IT work. However, if you are not a software company, but a client looking for a resolution for your IT challenges, you would consider hiring a team to solve it, rather than doing it on your own.

You don’t buy a brewery to drink a beer, do you? It’s easier to focus on your key capabilities and do what you do best.

I would rather focus on the other aspect of the problem. When your customer has already decided to change their current web solution implementation by creating a new design, specifying new functionalities and having in mind a new marketing approach, what would be the most efficient way to address demand and get the most valuable partners to deliver the work?

This is where the magic begins. Most of the time the customer goes and employs a digital marketing agency, who kicks off the project brief. Perhaps the customer already has a technology stack that the agency is happy to use? Even then, it’s likely a few updates and a refresh will be needed. 

As we all know, nowadays the marketing department is often a key decision maker in the project selection process, over and above an internal IT team.  The IT team sees their role narrowed down to ensure that newly implemented solutions are stable after delivery. 

And that's fine, it’s a natural process. 

The business decides on the solutions that will bring it closer to its targets. Software functionalities available out of the box are no longer a first consideration. UX, design, customer interactions, personas, conversion paths: these are now key web functionalities that are designed with the key business objective in mind…sales!

I'm not going to mention here any particular software vendor, but looking into the Gartner report shows us that there is a wide selection of advanced marketing solutions which will do their job for them. Marketers are becoming increasingly savvy to how software can help them sell, and they aren’t including IT experts in their decision making process.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. The look and feel of a site, solid UX and other current web design trends are perfectly doable on every technology stack. Functionality to save you and your IT development team time, however, is a completely different story. 

To have the most suitable technology to base your solution on, it makes sense to ask a technology company that keeps up with recent technology innovation and can recommend solutions that potentially haven’t reached the ears of the digital marketing agencies of this world. 

If YOU would like to ensure you're as close as you can be to your customers and are running the best and most appropriate technology stack for your company’s needs, you should consider establishing a cooperative partnership that involves a reliable technology partner, as well as a digital agency.



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