Sitecore 8.1. technology brings a variety of additional features whilst being less complicated to use. Customers that are using older versions and have a current service program can access the software free of charge.

This is where the fun begins!
Let me predict the questions you may have:
How long does it take to upgrade?
How much will it cost?
Who should I ask for help?
What else shall I change whilst upgrading?
Are these new features something that I am going to use?
How will this step will get me closer to my customers?
Why should I update yet again?
Is this ever going to end?

This short quote from Sitecore themselves answers some of the questions above:“Since the release of Sitecore 6.0 in 2008, Sitecore has grown from a platform that provides simple web experiences to one that enables marketing teams to become truly engaged with their customers. Through a 360-degree customer view, Sitecore now helps deliver content in the context of how your customers have interacted with your brand across all channels and devices."

I meet a lot of organizations that are using just a small proportion of the functionality their ECMS platforms can provide. Often, it is a simple case of them not knowing how to use it in full, either because the system wasn’t set up correctly in the first place or the value of each function hasn’t been recognized yet.

It is worth spending some time and effort to understand the features available and what value you can gain from utilizing them. A window to secure and increase your revenue can be opened wide, especially as your business grows and becomes more eCommerce based.Of course, there are challenges in getting the right scenarios for the right conversion strategy, but there are also people who can support your organization through the process.

You are not alone! Coders Center is here to help.Thank you for reading.



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