Keeping your customers engaged via your web and mobile sites can be a tricky proposition. Not getting it right can be an extremely expensive mistake.

There is an element of balance to aim for when it comes to communicating with existing and potential customers. Keep things too generic and your audience will think you don’t care. Get too personal, on the other hand, and you run the risk of people checking the bushes in their back yard to see if you have a camcorder hidden somewhere…

You need to get the right message, to the right recipient, at the right time. Wrong message, wrong recipient, wrong time? You end up with a lost sale, or even a lost customer.

How To Communicate Effectively With Online Customers

The easiest way to ensure you communicate in the right way with your customers is by using the data you already have. Customer tracking functionality via enterprise CRM systems can tell you lots of things about a customer as soon as they click on your website. Converting that data into usable information that can identify needs, interests and desires is the key to effective communication.

Let’s use an example. Your business has a sale on and ‘GREAT DISCOUNTS!’ is splashed on your website homepage.

Potential customer: “So what?”


Potential customer:  deletes account with website (They know toooo much!)

That balance between the generic and personalized comes to the fore here. Using your customer data to simply spilt your potential buyers into groups that want discounts on red sneakers and those who want discounts on white sneakers, based on their previous browsing activity, can really up your revenue. It’s not too intrusive, and it doesn’t ignore what your customer wants. Seeming to ‘talk in person’ to your audience can really minimize the risk of ignoring your message.

What Is the Next Step? The above is obviously a very basic example of personalizing your messages for your customers. We aren’t just talking about website banners or eDM here. Digital marketing in the 21st century is so much more sophisticated than even two or three years ago. Developments on enterprise solutions in the world of personalization have taken off. Not only are there numerous ways of getting your personalized message out there, but there is also an array of functionalities that assist you in improving the timing, accuracy and quality of your message, keeping both you and your customers motivated and engaged with what you are selling.

Consider the concept of triggered campaigns. Imagine a browser clicks on an item in your online store and then clicks on ‘methods of delivery’ in the item description. Sending a generic email about delivery services a day later gets the perfect balance of generic and personalized communication, and can increase conversion rates by over 50percent! (Source: Epsilon Email Benchmark Report)

Using your enterprise solution to gather more and more data as customers use your e-Commerce sites can help you get your message across in the future. As you learn more about what your customers want, you can alter your web and mobile strategy to reflect the style, tone and content that customers are looking for. The more data you have, and the more accurate it, the more likely it is that you will be able to create personalized experiences that meet the mark.

Making your potential and existing customers feel like part of a wider consumer community, whilst maintaining the feeling of being a valued individual, is what personalized communication is about. Contact Coders Center to find out more about delivering the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.



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