Coders Center has now been in business for two years. That’s two years of amazing effort and engagement. Thanks to your trust and support we have been able to work on numerous interesting projects across the globe. I hope that Coders Center will continue to be part of your success in the future. This is why we invest in our team, developing their competencies and providing the latest training across the technologies we deliver; to ensure we offer a ‘best in class’ service to our customers.

How did it all begin? 

I decided to build the company from scratch. Looking back I can say today, two years later, it was a good decision to make!

When I decided to move on and create something new I didn’t realize how much work and effort would be involved for me and my colleagues. Even though it wasn’t easy it was both a great challenge and a rewarding experience.

I remember sitting in a small ten square meter office. I sat there with Jakub, our CTO & co-owner, trying to connect the dots. We had plenty of good engineers that we knew wanted to work with us on something new and exciting. Those people are still with us, and we are still fortunate today to have great people joining us every month.

We wanted to focus on strategic relationships. Our past corporation experience taught us processes and structured thinking. We wanted to chase opportunities as a mature organization as we knew it would be easier and beneficial to both parties if we did this.

It worked. Over two years later we have great digital and PR agency partners, to whom we are delivering technology in Sitecore, Adobe and other enterprise technologies. Direct customers who approached us for consultancy support, project development and support services. Today we work with Fortune 500 companies, we are a preferred technology partner to many agencies across the world and have a stable revenue stream.

During these two years we grown our technical team from one person to over fifty specialists working in enterprise technologies.

Most of our work is delivered on the Sitecore platform, but we do not limit ourselves. We offer support across a full technology portfolio that features annually in the Gartner report. We have proved that nothing is impossible. We gained Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner status in Poland, CEE Region, the only Sitecore partner to be given this prestigious recognition.  Only a few days after our two-year anniversary, we collected a Sitecore Experience Award for “Site of the Year” and “Contextual Intelligence”. This award was in recognition of our teams’ competence and success across multiple Sitecore projects. Congratulations team!

What next?

Central Europe is not the only region in which the company operates. We have registered Coders Center locations in the United Kingdom and United States. New senior management rel="nofollow" personnel in both delivery and operations departments strengthen our competencies across distribution and delivery of robust technical support. We have delivered projects in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA and many other countries. Globalization and the magic powers of the internet have helped us get to where we are today but I want to be more local to my clients. In the coming months, our CTO is relocating to the UK to concentrate on technical consultancy for our partners and customers. I am setting up base in the USA to get closer to the market and repeat the success we have achieved in Europe. We have already completed projects in the US and have a great network of supporting partners.

Looking for investor!

We began as a start-up company, and after two years, I still approach the business in the same way. Decisions are made quickly and everyone has both an input and an impact. We are investing what we earn back into the business. Last year, we trained our team in gaining best-in-class trainings and tools to help them do their jobs. It obviously worked. Now we are ready to take the next step. A bigger step. The organization is ready for expansion, both in terms of geography, but also in terms of the team. We need investors that will help us continue to build upon our infrastructure and human resources to deliver excellence to even more clients.

Advice to people thinking about starting a new business?

Do it!

Thank you team, Thank you all! Don't stop, this is just the beginning!



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