Economic growth and increasing levels of innovation facilitate the development of entrepreneurship throughout the world. To a large extent, it is manifested by the establishment of startups – micro-enterprises formed by people who take their first steps as entrepreneurs. These are mainly people with a vision of creating a product or service that repeatedly succeeds in commercial terms and decide to take the plunge into the business world.

I have been inspired by the team of Photon Robot inventors – a group of students from the Bialystok University of Technology/Poland that hit upon the idea of creating an educational robot for children that learns and grows with the owner. 

The Photon Robot provides parents and guardians with the satisfaction of seeing how their child develops their logical thinking and takes their first step into the world of programming. 

I realized that sharing my knowledge and experience with the Photon Robot team could boost their idea and give it even greater potential. As a result, I asked my team to provide them with office space, IT equipment, assistance in the formation of a company and other substantial support. It worked. Photon Robot will soon be available in stores all over the world! 

Coders Center assists the team with IT systems helping them to serve customers, manage an eCommerce system and host their website.

I have asked my team what they thought we had learned from this great example? This is what I heard:

As we understand young entrepreneurs who would like to start their own exciting experience with business we can give them advice and practical knowledge that was also sought by those unusual people responsible for Photon. We can provide them with necessary prospective technologies and support in many areas that are necessary to establish and run their own enterprise.

Then I asked my team to make it official, and this what I got in response:

We have prepared a special dedicated offer of consulting and development services provided by us at a 40 percent discount, where interested entrepreneurs can count on technology advisory, IT delivery and other supporting aspects.

We can help you with YOUR idea. Get in touch and see how we can support your vision.

Thank you team! It is a great pleasure to work with open minds ;) 



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