Why we love doing this

Coders Center jumped at the chance of organizing Sitecore Community Poland in 2016. It was supposed to be yet another tech event, but since Sitecore is not just a development environment but also a great marketing tool, we managed to connect both worlds; .Net developers and digital marketing representatives.

Why is it important for us to organize such an event? Obviously, as an IT company we would like to encourage all people to immerse themselves in the world of Sitecore and discover its benefits and capabilities. In addition, we’re all tech enthusiasts who want to share our knowledge, and hear insights and expertize from other people fascinated by the world of technology and digital marketing.

Up until the end of 2016, there have been four Sitecore Community Poland meetings. Three organized offline at Coders Center offices and one online meeting, all a result of effective campaings on Meetup, Facebook and Twitter channels.

First meeting and a great experience

The first Sitecore Community Poland meeting was held in Białystok on May 20th. There were three speakers - Jakub Koba, Tomasz Juranek and Radosław Kozłowski, all from Coders Center. They covered topics including the capabilities of Sitecore in online marketing, the architecture of Sitecore, and ways of automating projects by using the platform.

Sitecore is still rather a niche brand in Poland, so the audience of thirty people passionate about IT was pretty impressive. They were keen to experience a meeting of minds and belong to a community dedicated to Sitecore.




Going beyond

The second Meetup took place in Wrocław three months later, on August 19th. The number of speakers remained the same, but this time there was an external speaker, Adam Najmanowicz - Sitecore MVP from Cognifide. He introduced the extremely interesting topic of Sitecore PowerShell and described where it can be useful and how to best utilize it in day-to-day workflows.

This meeting was a second opportunity for Radosław Kozłowski speak at the event. This time around, the audience learnt how using Unicorn helps to synchronize Sitecore’s databases and resolve item deployment problems.Wojciech Urban, Enterprise CMS Developer from Coders Center made a presentation regarding how Sitecore Modular Architecture could help business gain competitive advantages in the future.

It was a great experience to host Sitecore MVP. All of the presentations were excellent; both informative and entertaining and real eye-openers in terms of learning more about digital marketing. We were also glad that the audience loved the idea of the meetings and got involved by asking some great questions.

Last, but of course not least

The last instalment of Sitecore Community Poland also took place in Wroclaw. At this meeting, we had the pleasure to host Una Verhoeven, Sitecore Developer at Virtual Affairs - The Netherlands, Łukasz Skowroński from Coders Center and Robert Senktas from Hypermedia.  The event brought together even more people than before and the audience had a chance to get to learn about Sitecore’s Artificial Intelligence, Sitecore Experience Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Are there any further plans? Yes, definitely!

The next Sitecore Community Poland event is coming to Krakow on January 19th 2017! The event has two platinum sponsors; Sabre Corporation and Coders Center. We are anticipating four speeches; Jason Wilkerson, Sitecore MVP from the USA will be our main guest. We are super excited about his attendance and if you haven’t read his book, “Professional Sitecore 8 Development”, yet, we heartily recommend it. Other speakers include Marek Godawski from Sabre, who will present on the topic of “Profiling and Predictive Personalization”, Łukasz Skowroński will provide hints and tips on how to become an effective Sitecore developer and Robert Senktas will be talking about personalization and why it is so important to implement it.

Sitecore Community Poland IS happening and the community is growing. Many more people are involved and as organizers, we are thrilled to see the impact and results that these events are having on our community.

Incidentally, Sitecore Community Poland is FREE to join and the events are FREE to attend. We love sharing tech knowledge and are happy that people are eager to come and join us. Want another reason to join us? Our traditional FREE pizza for lunch! Looking forward to seeing you in Krakow!  

Reserve your place here: http://bit.ly/SitecoreMeetupKrakow 

Join our groups here:  

https://www.meetup.com/Sitecore-Poland-Meetup/events/236189230/ or here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1650015551957998/



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